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The Sidekickô Testing System Diabetes Products

The Sidekick™ Testing System is the smallest blood glucose testing system available. The Sidekick™ Testing System is there when you need it – in your backpack or briefcase, your sports bag or suitcase, or simply in your purse or pocket.* Its small size makes it convenient to take wherever you go. And, because it's so convenient it's easier for you to test more often so you can better monitor and manage your diabetes.

Sidekick is very easy to use. Remove a test strip from the vial, insert it into the meter on top, and test. When you're out of test strips, or upon the expiration date, simply discard the unit. It's that simple.

With the Sidekick Convenient, All-in-One Blood Glucose Testing System, You'll Enjoy:

No Coding – just start testing
1 uL blood sample – less blood means less pain
2 simple steps – just insert strip and test
Less than 10 seconds – fast results mean more convenience
Forearm or Fingertip – more choices means greater comfort

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