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True Metrix Blood Glucose Meter Diabetes Products
TRUE METRIX Monitoring Blood Glucose Meters are lightweight, portable glucose monitors that are intended to provide quantitative measuring of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood samples produced from the fingertip or venous whole blood. They are intended for clinical use for withstanding multiple patients in healthcare facilities and doctors offices; however, they are also suitable for individual personal use.

The TRUE METRIX Monitoring Blood Glucose Meters feature intelligent Triple Sense Technology, as well as the ability to offer event tags and four testing reminders. The device is also able to store up to 500 results with time and date, making it an excellent choice at an incredible value.

Includes: Glucose Meter, Installed 3V Battery, Owner's Manual, Self-Test Logbook and Compact Carry Case
For use with TRUE METRIX® Test Strips and TRUE METRIX® Controls
Results As Fast As 4 Seconds.
Tiny 0.5 uL blood sample size
Stores 500 results with time/date

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