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Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM System Diabetes Products
Continuous glucose monitoring is considered the most significant breakthrough in insulin pumps and diabetes management in the past 40 years.

Dexcom's G4 Platinum CGM provides an in-motion picture that shows not only glucose levels, but also the speed and direction in which it is moving, and alerts the user to sudden changes so they can take action. The overall accuracy and ease of use for the Dexcom CGM sets a new standard for commercially available CGMs, making the G4 PLATINUM the most-advanced CGM system available.

The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM offers improved accuracy and performance and many new insulin pump features, including:

Up to 20 foot transmission range, enabling improved patient flexibility and convenience
A smaller, discrete profile that fits busy lifestyles
A first-of-its-kind color LCD display for easy viewing
Customizable alerts with specific tones
"Hypo alert" setting at 55 mg/dl that provides an increased level of safety - a feature that no other device has

The Dexcom G4 system consists of just three parts: a sensor, transmitter, and monitor. The tiny sensor - about the diameter of a human hair -is inserted by the user under the skin on the abdomen. A small transmitter sends data wirelessly to a sleek and small monitor, which easily fits in a purse or pocket. It provides data every 5 minutes for up to 7 consecutive days, quickly and easily showing the body's response to medication, food and exercise. If users are outside their target zones, configurable alarms alert them so that they can take action.

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