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VGO Disposable Insulin Delivery System Diabetes Products
The purchase of this product requires a perscription. Please call or email us with your perscription information.

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The V-Go is a simple insulin delivery device. You place it on your skin, press a button to insert a small needle, and the V-Go delivers insulin in the same way your body is supposed to.* In people without diabetes, the body releases small amounts of insulin continuously over 24 hours (basal rate). The body releases large amounts of insulin (bolus dose) at meals.

The V-Go mimics the insulin pattern of the body, providing:

  • A continuous preset basal rate of insulin over 24 hours
  • On-demand bolus dosing at mealtimes

Continuous means the V-Go delivers an ongoing rate of background insulin that your body needs day and night. Preset basal rate means the V-Go delivers background insulin at a fixed rate that you don't need to adjust. On-demand bolus dosing means the V-Go can deliver extra insulin if you need it at mealtimes, simply by pressing two buttons.

Three V-Go Options

  • The V-Go includes the insulin you need over a 24-hour period to help control your blood sugar. There are 3 V-Go options. Your doctor or healthcare professional can select the most appropriate option for you.
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