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Nano Pen Needle 4mm x 32G Diabetes Products
The purchase of this product requires a perscription. Please call or email us with your perscription information.

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Greater Injection Comfort for People with Diabetes

  • BDís NEW patented 5-bevel needle tip is designed
    for more comfort.
  • Clinical trials support improved patient comfort,
    easier insertion and overall preference.*
  • Sculpted to create a flatter, thinner surface that helps penetrate the skin with significantly greater ease for a smoother and gentler injection.

Experience on-the-go comfort!

The BD Nano 4mm x 32G pen needle, used with a single-hand,
no pinch technique, allows more flexibility to reach and rotate
to difficult-to-reach injection sites. The BD Nano is so short and
thin, it assures a comfortable injection experience. Ask your
doctor or pharmacist today!

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