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The CleoŽ 90 infusion set Diabetes Products
The purchase of this product requires a perscription. Please call or email us with your perscription information.

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The CleoŽ 90 infusion set is a single-use disposable infusion set from Smiths Medical.

Its unique all-in-one housing design includes an inserter needle and automatic needle retraction to reduce accidental needlesticks and make insertions convenient and quick.

Product Features:

  • All-in-one design - The canister houses both an inserter needle and a cannula.
  • Needle safety - The canister keeps the needle out of sight and retracts it after insertion, reducing the risk of accidental needlesticks.
  • Simple insertion - The cannula and secure, skin-friendly adhesive are attached with just one simple push of the canister.
  • Direction control - The 360° low-profile, Flex-Attach™ site connector system can place the tubing in any direction and is nearly invisible under your clothing.
  • Open system – The industry standard Luer connection lets you use the new CleoŽ 90 infusion set with almost any insulin pump. (Not for use with the MiniMed ParadigmŽ proprietary connector.)
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